"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch
"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch

Episode 116 · 9 months ago

Wylie McGraw: Realigning Your Self to Become an Optimized Leader


In this episode, Wylie McGraw, Combat Veteran, Star Athlete and now Performance Accelerator shares what he feels are the building blocks of being an optimized leader. He takes the audience through his journey to success and now how he works with individuals to unlock their true potential

Exciting conversation and really tactical as well. Enjoy the conversation.

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About Wylie McGraw

Wylie is a Performance Accelerator who thrives on assisting high-performing CEOs, entrepreneurs, and public figures break through their limitations and take their performance and their business to an even higher level.

He draws on his experience as a former star baseball pitcher, competitive bull rider, and 3-tour combat veteran to help individuals eradicate stress and push beyond their boundaries to achieve new levels of sustained success in everything they do.

For more than a decade now, Wylie has been working one-on-one with the highest-performing professionals, from Wall Street and Hollywood to pro sports and Fortune 500 companies, helping them accelerate beyond what they ever imagined possible. Wylie believes that self-mastery can be attained by pushing way beyond your comfort levels to discover levels previously unknown to oneself.

Connect with Wylie:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wyliemcgraw/

Website: https://www.wyliemcgraw.com/

About Glenn Pasch:

"Everyone finds themselves in charge at some point in their lives. Yet many of us lack the skills to generate consistent results. My goal is to help you learn the skills to adapt and grow in your personal and business life.”

Glenn Pasch is CEO of PCG Digital, a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses create and deliver customers raving, recommending & returning for more.

He is author of 2 books including "The Power of Connected Marketing" and has spoken and educated audiences throughout the US and internationally.

Let’s Connect:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennpasch/​

Personal Website http://glennpasch.com/

​Company website: https://pcgdigital.com/

Support for this episode comes from PCG digital. It is anywhere from difficult to impossible to manage every aspect of the changing digital landscape. Rather than trying to do it yourself, why not leave it to an award winning team of Digital Marketing Specialists who have mastered at all connect to your message with more potential customers with PCG digital? Go to PCG digitalcom for more information and optimized leader transforms the world and unresolved one distorts that. I want that to sit with you for a moment. When you are not feeling at your best, it does seem like the world is distorted or things are not just not flowing the way that you would like. But if you think about the Times that you really feel aligned and in tune with your mission, your effort, your health, your mental boy do you feel optimized. A lot of times what happens is we run across stressful situations and we may not have the tools yet in our...

...tool belt to deal with that well. That's why, in this power episode today, Whiley McGraw Returns to talk about how do you deal with stress? How do you face stress head on and be able to learn from it, to add these tools to your tool belt so that you can continue on your path to optimizing yourself to be the leader that you want to be. So I'm really excited to chat with Whiley today in this power episode. So let's dive into the episode of you're in charge conversations, a spark change with Whiley McGraw, and you're talking about this idea of stress and how to deal with it and how to work your way through it, not ignore it, right, like we said, we don't want to agnoreice it, right. So walk me through that your thought on stress and facing and working through it.

I I would love to you and your audience and I want this is a very valid, valid topic to discuss and I will share with this in the world. I let me back up here. I was born into this world with a specific type of superpower, if you will, were gift, and I didn't understand it as a kid. I didn't realize and understand why I was the bearer of everyone's stress. Everyone's constantly dumping it on here's while he's the place for me to take it right. So, as I was an athlete in performing and being coached by the pros, I grew around Parole Ball players my dad would just was incessant with my perfectionist, with my arm, and become a picture. The outside. Stress of my family dynamic started to break me and it really drove me into wanting to push past what was expected of me and find out who I really was as a man. So I'm going to share the story quickly so we can get to that, that fear and stress you just asked about. And that is where the world of Rodeo came knocking and I intuitively, at some degree, felt like I needed to...

...go there. And when I did, I broke away from that family dynamic, that expectation my dad placed on me. It pissed them all off and that was okay. I did it anyway because I started to feel alive. I started to feel an unleashing of who I really was, this wild warrior that I knew was inside me but was being suppressed by my family. I was made wrong for it, so I was pushed into this place of being a little more reserved, even though I was more assertive, and it was it was it was punished. So when I got to that world, will writing it and ignited this new found awareness of myself and I realized the real world challenges that scare me are where I'm really going to grow and expand my capacity. Now I started to understart to figure out, okay, well, let me understand the differences in stress and how they do affect my ability to perform in these environments. And it wasn't until I got into the military and I became a common infantryman and I went to Afghanistan, was my second tour. My first tour was a coast of all, my second tour was Afghanistan, and when I went to Afghanistan, I started to lead men, I...

...started to really experience it's almost like this awareness to what stress really is, that and the two types we actually experience and live with on a daily basis as human beings. So that video I set you, I discovered in combat, in the most chaotic of situations, this early calm nature of myself in those situations and moments where I was able to identify biblize blind spots quickly, I was able to move my men into better performance and better action. Our missions were accomplished much more efficiently, and I realize that there's only two types of stress we actually experience in life, and I call one chronic stress, and I call the other acute stress. The chronic in acute stresses are tied together. The acute stresses that you experience, just like the word acute is short term, are the life experiences that keep happening to you, no matter how much you think you have things under control or figured out period. They just reoccurring situations that are not optimal for yourself and your organization, your performance,...

...your life. And those acute stresses are tied into the chronic stresses of life's experiences. Those are those stresses that you have had through family dysfunction, trauma, chaos, pain, suffering that you have not really eradicated, you've not faced, like we talked about right, and those chronic stresses will occupy space in your mind, they will occupy space in new energetically and unconsciously and they will fester and they will create acute stresses or situations that keep happening in your life and until you address them and face them and eradicate them, you are going to experience that up and down roller coaster your of your experience. So I discovered that in combat and I wanted to further explore that because what I realized was we have what's a normal stress in life. Being a leader, running companies, taking care of people, high responsive ability is going to bring about what we consider a stress. But when you have learned to manage your inner volatility first, when you understand the differences between those stresses, those...

...acute and chronic stresses, and you eradicate the chronic ones, you will realize that no matter what situation comes your way, you will know how to manage it and turn it into an asset for your performance, for your team's function, for your leadership development, instead of it's being something that causes you to go back to what we talked about is chasing relief on a daily basis. WHO. I'm done with that one, thank God right. That's that is not how anyone should be living their life period. So I discovered that and I create that little video on purpose. So I wanted people to really sink their teeth into understanding those two types so they can really start navigating and discerning what is really stressful for themselves and what is just something that they have basically harbored, that they have not addressed. And when you can identify those keen differences, you'll see that your life will change in ways that you least expect it. So I hope that answers a question. Yeah, so, so. So what I'm hearing is the chronic ones are just either behavior or some,...

...as you said, stress, something that we carry with us all the time, and it may be low level or whatever. But maybe it's a family the way to your point, how you always have behaved with the family, or how you're seeing in your family or your group of friends or your coming and you feel this behavior and stress of well, I'm going to work and not to put on this face, or I'm over here and I put on this face right and it's it's you just you never feel like you can be the real you, but it's this constant almost like a jacket I have to put on when I'm heading into a certain situation. The acute one, it sounds like you're never going to get rid of those, because that's just life and stimulus and something that's coming at you all the time. Well, the you a cute if I will, the cute the cute stresses will transform around you because you've dealt with the chronic stress. So that's why I'm saying that on e stress creates the acute stresses. Yeah, yeah, so your...

...the the what I'm hearing is if I can level out or address or confront or put put to bed, so to speak, these some of these chronic ones, I become more of myself one some of those acute stresses that were popping up or tied to the chronic. But this way, if other stressful situations come you, you're more in control of it one because you've dealt with other, bigger stresses. But, more importantly, is it you. You just are in a more whole place as yourself to be able to deal with this as is right. You become fully right, you become fully aligned with who you are at the core right. It's UN an unbelievable experience, because it doesn't mean that as I run my multiple seven figure business, I'm not going to experience, as I work with these type of leaders, I'm always interacting with the the kind of stress that comes with it. But I realize that this is not mine and I understand because I am in alignment with WHO I am at the corps. I have eradicated my chronic stresses. I do live a life of optimization that when this happens, I know how to utilize...

...it as an asset for my ability to support those leaders so that they do the same thing. So the fear that is birth from stress that has not been faced or resolved is what creates those patterns of doubt and cautiousness when it comes to leadership, despite what might be a convincing factor in our own minds that, oh no, this is just a normal cost of being human and the normal cost of Suns. Yes, yeah, it's like Eli. I'll give you an example, Glenn, and your audience, to Elon Musk. It despite what we see and what we feel about him as a man and what he has been able to do. I do not deny his genius. However, I can see the truth of what's really going on with them. That's just what I that's my gift and what I'm able to do and why I do what I do. Is if Elon Musk would have addressed the abuse and him being bullied as a kid and actually done something about that stress that still plagues him to this day, we would not see the ups and downs with him when it comes to himself as a public figure. We would not...

...consider what he is doing when it comes to battling other billionaires in the way he does, in the way he talks and kind of throws these these digs on twitter, etc. Right, we're not. We would not a reward that and celebrate that. Is, Oh, that's just the billionaire guy who's amazing because he's transforming the world. Will Imagine who Elon Musk would actually be if he was fully optimized and completely resolved. We probably would be on Saturn or in another galaxy by now, because he's just brilliant. But he's what we're dealing with. This up and down and constant back and forth, and we're watching these billionaires battled each other because they are just, unfortunately, unresolved little boys who have never really done anything to follow around. True, what do you think? Part of their success is from not resolving certain thing? No, they still have that edge. Where they're going? I'm going to prove you're wrong. I don't really let you know what that's the unfortunate part about leaders. We think that it we're going to use our pain and our stress to build our empires, but think about what happens is when you build your empire on the back of chaos and stress, you're going to infect the people that follow you and people are only going to get so far, period.

It doesn't we can fight that all day long. Right. They have created, quote, success. But why do we use money and notoriety as a benchmark of what success is supposed to look like? Why are we looking at who the hell is the person and how well are they living their life and what are their relationships like? Do I want to emulate somebody who's just like a spiteful of human being who's got a bunch of money and did a bunch of stuff? That again, great, he he built something that the masses by. So if you have the Matt hundred million people buying a twenty dollar product, of course you're going to make a ton of money. Right. What is the quality of you in your leadership role? How is that actually, you know, affecting or impacting bays that lead? And I want to shift that paradigm and start challenging people when they think about leadership and success and realize that the money and notoriety are by products of alignment. It does not mean you're a good person. We have narcissists that run companies and organizations and countries who were literally just because they they have something in public eye.

We go, Oh, look at that, that's got to be really good, that's got to be strong. I want that too, and I'm going to stop trying to be like that and start focusing on you and finding out where your power is derived from, find out who you really are the court and lead from that position. That's why I bring them up. No, and I think that's I you know, and and the reason I pushed back is that's because that's her. People are going to say, of course I agree with you. Is that we are in a it's always happened it in we've always held people up on pedestals because of the image that was presented. You know, it could be right, movie stars in the S S and s who had you know, you saw what was presented, but they had horrible lives, they were hard people, they all this dysfunction. But again, and we are in a society where it's really quick, you know, instagram life, and then you look at all of what I have and and I love. What you're talking about is that the more centered you can be...

...on you doesn't mean that you won't achieve. But who cares? If you have everything and you look around and nobody's there with you or you're miserable as you I love the thing you said is that you've just broken everything along the way. Everything is just demolished. Right. Yes, you won, I have x whatever on the bank account. I won, but I turn around and go, Oh, I have no one to share it with. I'm not fulfilled, I'm not healthy, mentally, physically, whatever. What I really love about this conversation is is that idea of you know, it all starts with you. So I hope you got a lot out of that episode. I know I did. While is, as as you can see, very passionate about this, he really does help all performers accelerate towards that optimization. So I hope you got a lot out of it. If you want to listen to the full episode, just go search for episode one hundred and seven. That's the full conversation with Wiley as well. As always, thank...

...you so much for being here and sharing some time with me. It means a lot to me. Also, please make sure you subscribe to the podcast on apple or spotify or wherever you're listening to this episode. Also, you can go over to the Youtube Channel and watch the whole episode as well. Please make sure you share this out. I know there's a lot of people who could benefit from what Wilie just said. And, as always, as I say at the end of every episode, you're in charge. But now, Whiley gave you a few more tools to help you become more successful both personally and professionally. I look forward to seeing you on the next episode.

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