"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch
"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch

Episode 128 · 8 months ago

Troy Sandidge: How Do They Get It All Done?


Ever wonder how these business leaders or even some of your friends always seem to get many htings done while looking effortless?

Many of us struggle so what tools and strategies would help you take charge? In this episode, Glenn speaks again to Troy Sandidge, author, speaker and business leaders on how he creates a structure to help him achieve his goals. Troy shares tactical tips as well as a bit of humor.

This is a conversation filled with tips to make any business relevant & successful. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe.

About Troy Sandidge

Troy Sandidge is a strategic mastermind aka The Strategy Hacker™, who empowers businesses to achieve next-level growth through innovative on-demand strategy solutions. As a Growth Marketing Consultant for over 10 years and the Founder & CEO of Strategy Hackers, his on-demand growth marketing strategies have generated over $100 million for his clients worldwide.


Get his new book : https://findtroy.com/strategize-up/

About Glenn Pasch:

"Everyone finds themselves in charge at some point in their lives. Yet many of us lack the skills to generate consistent results. My goal is to help you learn the skills to adapt and grow in your personal and business life.”

Glenn Pasch is CEO of PCG Digital, a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses create and deliver customers raving, recommending & returning for more. He is author of 2 books including "The Power of Connected Marketing" and has spoken and educated audiences throughout the US and internationally.

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Support for this episode comes from PCG digital. It is anywhere from difficult to impossible to manage every aspect of the changing digital landscape. Rather than trying to do it yourself, why not leave it to an award winning team of Digital Marketing Specialists who have mastered at all connect your message with more potential customers with PCG digital. Go to PCG digitalcom for more information. Let me pivot. I Want I want to you are a busy man, and so we've been talking about a lot of different things that business owners and people can do. So my question to you is, how do you stay organized? What tools do you use to keep yourself point? Because I see you, I mean...

I watched your video and that's some you know again postcovid, which means I know you're going to be out on the road again, if you're not already here, because you are a public speaker and you are doing on site trainings and you know you're working with you but all of these things, from your own brand to your clients. Bro What tools do you do or how do you organize yourself on a daily basis? Do you have a morning routine or a daily ritual that you do share that with the with the audience. One. I am chaos among the madness. So makes me feel good that at comes off that I'm very organized. I think. One for me knowing your strengths. MMM, I felt I had. I maybe others came of. Are Listening. Can influx with this. I have felt bad for years because if I'm not up by five am, if I'm not running by thirty and you know, meditating and reading three books a week and all this stuff, you will not be the next caliber X Y Z right, and I know...

...that I'm misfit. I defy I defy that immensely. My strength. I know that I'm more of a night out. For me, nighttime just things by it. The world slows down, even though I'm sure people were mourning feel the same way. Just for me it's different, and want to state that the state that you know we'll have these conversations, but make it fit for you. So for me I don't necessarily a morning to you, although I do have a business coach. You've been trying to edify me and morning manifest. I see the benefit. I just can't tap into it. And right is I just focus on okay, what are the three big goals for the day, one my personal goal, one my business goal and one goal that I can serve somebody else. I mean, E. NFP to wing three. So what that means? I'm a big impath and I literally get energy from serving other people, right. That is my mo so aligning that up, having that personal goal, that business goal and that one goal to serve someone else to day just makes it complete for me because to me,...

...times so focus on the business goes as entrepreneurs or leaders in the agency world or you're, you know, an executive suite and corporate America and you are just focus on business. You're not taking yourself and unfortunately, even though I've been I'm probably one of the best at cranking things out. I'm a human, I am not a robot. Right. So having that organized definitely helps me out, having that clarity in that perspective. As far as tools, so I've probably used every project management tool there is at least twice. Yeah, if not for me, for AGC'S I used to run or clients I have currently or did have in the past. I'm at the end of the day, the system that worked for me was just what don't even focus on today, right. Have the worries of tomorrow, have awareness for the week and just a small glimpse of what's going on for the month. That just keeps my head and different levels of the sky, so I know at you know, Fiftyzero feet, twenty Fiveero, few, tenous, a few and five thousand feet, what's going on in chores of life. Again, thinking...

...that personal, that business and then how to serve and help others as those three pillars within that framework has helped me out tremendously. Keeps me focused, keeps me driven, challenges me to make sure. Hey, troy, you know you can take this other client meeting. It could turn into something, but you've had four days without really having quality time with your wife or your family. Wagh it or knowing that next week I'm going to double down to make some shifts, because what good is it that we put all this work and effort to get where we want to go or alone we're not actually happy? And I know that's US taboot out of the most people talk about entrepreneurs or executives in this type of world that we're in in sales and marketing, but is act absolutely crucial that what you're doing is actually creating a life that you want and not just making metrics and numbers for somebody else. Yeah, and I'm glad you said that, because right now there is this I mean it's the ongoing the hustle culture, and I think that's just another easy marketing...

...term for it. But you do see it. I deal with it, I said to my wife maybe two weeks ago, because I just recovered from covid and so I was in a foggy state. But of course that just gave me time to sit there and scroll through things and even I know what people are posting and I know the people are posting the best versions of themselves. But to your point is, it's still I kept thinking I'm not doing enough. You know, here's these people up at three o'clock, four o'clock, five o'clock and they're doing seventy five hard and they're, you know, doing this, and if you're not doing this or posting motivational memes and all this other stuff, you know you're a failure and I'm going I get the game. And it still was bugging me, let alone someone else who doesn't understand this, how easy it is to get discourage. But what I love about what you do. I do a little different version, but very similar. I like that. Just three goals. You know I I'm a big...

...help somebody else make sure business. As my wife says, I'm for some reason I'm always the last and I have to remind myself or she'll remind me. Hey, take care of yourself. But I'm very similar. I keep its pen and paper and a book and I know what do we got to knock off today? Here's my week, here's the month. Can't project too far out. There's too many variables. I know where I want to go at, like you were saying, as a strategy, but I can't plan all those tactics out long term because I have to be able to be flexible and adapt. But I think what you're what you just shared. That's why I really liked your content to and I hope everybody who's listening will follow you because, as I said to you in the pre show when we were just chatting, I like the fact that you're very vulnerable. You know where you're saying, Hey, I had a rough day or I'm a little you know, things didn't work out or I got to take a little bit of a rest it, and you're giving yourself permission, but because you're helping others. Someone who reads that goes wow, if this gentleman who is very successful,...

I mean you were named thirty under thirty, you know you have a thriving business, you're very successful. For someone to say he's taking a step back or he's giving himself permission to say, you know what, I'm spending time with my wife, I'm spending time with my kids, and that's just as important. I think a lot of people will misunderstand all of achievements, because I know a lot of people who were high achievers who are on their third marriage, second marriage, broken, this, broken that, not happy because the only thing they were chasing was the dollars, as if that was going to give them that fulfillment. So I applaud you for that and I hope You keep doubling down on that, because that really clicked with me. And besides, all of the other folks on twitter who, when I asked who should I interview, your name was, came flooding in. So obviously you're having an impact on others for that reason as well. Thank you for saying that and I think I share that. Sometimes not want to remind myself but...

...to other because again, like we talked about earlier, is that on digital we only show what we want to show. That exception, and many times we're chasing that. And I get it. And Twenty Stn't mess a lot of us up. Leave lost some many of us lost great loss, not only I personalized, but in our business, and maybe we have to let it go and start something, a whole new venture right of some sort. So there's a lot of damage there. But if we take a step back and stop comparing everyone else and start celebrating other people who are doing what we're focusing on our self, we can really make something happen. And so many times when I come on to a company as a strategist and I just give them B I need you to just tell me that the needy, Gritty, the good, the bad and the ugly, because if we're not honest, this ain't going to work. Because I can help you get your numbers, I can help you build, say, the systems in structures that you know employs your company, your team members, to be more, to be greater, to achieve at a higher level. But what's the goal? What's right...

...point? WHAT'S THE VISION? Again, we're building these things to serve us, to create the life that we want. Money is a tool, a resource to give you, to an extent, the life that you want. But money of itself, the numbers of itself, as a salesperson, as a marking person, won't give the life that you won't necessarily. But when you have these executives who have that much awareness, these marketing sales profession of that much away is that. You know what, if I learn how to create this around my life, I'm actually more efficient. And I want to debunk this. Too many people want to be productive but they're not taking action. They think we get Brownie points to our clients because we're staying up all night working on copy and landing pages and sales pitches and hey, I did three hundred, you know, sales meetings this month. That's that's great, Tom that's great. Hand like, okay, that's awesome. Yeah, but like where are you worship conversions? Where are you closing? How the conversations even feel? How many of them? A are following up or think,...

...you know, not right now, but I may follow up later. Actually follow up three months, six months later. Like that much awareness is going to make you a more dynamic salesperson, a more dynamic marking person and ultimately a better businessperson overall. HAVING THAT CLARITY.

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