"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch
"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch

Episode 110 · 1 month ago

Tony Martignetti: Are You Leading in the Right Direction?


What if you are leadin your team in the wrong direction? 

What if you accomplish your goals but you realize it isn't the right outcome?

What if it is too late to change?

Tony Martignetti, leadership coach and author of the book "Climbing the Right Mountain challenges you to rethink your direction and let's you know it is ok to change directions. 

Tony shares his journey where he pivoted from a secure job but not a great work environment to start his own company helping leaders understand what inspired leadership means and how it delivers better results.

He also share how his journey inspired his book based on the idea of getting to the top of your desired mountain only to find out you chose the wrong path. A very thoughtful and inspiring conversation.

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About Tony Martignetti He is an executive leadership coach, creator of Inspired Purpose Coaching, and host of The Virtual Campfire Podcast. 

And author of the book Climbing the Right Mountain. Tony was a finance and strategy professional working in some of the world’s leading life sciences and biotech companies before pivoting into coaching. He was unhappy in the toxic workplace environments he was in and made it his mission to help business leaders succeed in pivoting their careers.   

Tony has extensive experience building high-performing teams, avoiding stress and burnout, and helping leaders live fulfilling lives by coaching them and their teams to navigate through change by unlocking their true potential.

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Order his book: https://amzn.to/2Zmtlh3

About Glenn Pasch:

"Everyone finds themselves in charge at some point in their lives. Yet many of us lack the skills to generate consistent results. My goal is to help you learn the skills to adapt and grow in your personal and business life.”

Glenn Pasch is CEO of PCG Digital, a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses create and deliver customers raving, recommending & returning for more.

He is author of 2 books including "The Power of Connected Marketing" and has spoken and educated audiences throughout the US and internationally.

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Personal Website http://glennpasch.com/​

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All of us have a goal,where we have a journey we're heading towards. You know, we see the mountainin front of us and we're working hard climbing that mountain. We hopethat when we get there that view is as spectacular as we have it inour mind. But my guest today on this episode poses a different question.He says, well, what happens if you put your sort of ladder onthe wrong mountain and you're climbing the wrong hill and you're putting all your energyinto the wrong journey? Interesting conversation today. That's the genesis of Tony Martinetti's bookclimbing the Right Mountain, and that's what we're going to discuss today inthis power episode of You'R in charge. Conversations that spark change. how Hecame up with this book. What in his journey, you know, resonatedwith that so that he pivoted. It's fascinating. I can't wait for youto hear it. So let's dive into today's episode of You'R in charge conversationsthat spark change with author Tony Martinettie.

So I want to. I would. I don't. We're just chatting away in time always runs quickly on thesethings, but I would be remiss. I your your book climbing the RightMountain. When we connected, I was like, let me go look atthis and I see that it's a new release, right, fair, fairlynew, but I started reading it and I so again, I love thefact that you do have quotes all in there, which I love. Butone of the quotes I thought was really great. You know what happens?You know, we all want to, I'm paraphrasing it, you know,climbing to the top of the ladder. That's what we want to do.But what if it's leaning against the wrong mountain? And I thought that wasreally cool. So tell me about I have specific things to ask you,but first talk to me about the Genesis of where this book came from andand what was it like to really commit...

...to writing this. Yeah, well, it's a great questions. First and foremost, you know, the Genesisof the book came from this hearing people stories, you know, coaching peoplealong the way and in realizing that, my Gosh, like this really feltlike I was talking to myself as I was hearing from people and realizing thatI was on this path to get into this place of you know, I'mat the top of my mountain, theoretically, and feeling like I don't like theview, and I spent all this time and effort where I burning myselfout, you know, sacrificing time with family, friends and all the peoplein my life, and even my health for that matter, to create somethingthat I don't think I defined for myself. I think it was defined by societypeople around me that this is what you should want in life. Andso then I said to myself, Oh...

Gosh, this story is what peoplewould really value. Is here that you can do it differently. You cancreate a path at any point in your life. You're never too old,you're never too young. Right, it's like the Harry Potter steps. Youcan move the the stairs a different way and goes back to intentionally. Youknow, if you stop for a moment and say, like you did,I may not be to the top of the Mounta, or maybe you workas you say, but I'm getting up pretty high here and I don't likethis view. So either I build it to a different mountain or come downoff this ladder and go throw my ladder up against another mountain. And startthat climb exactly exactly, and it's in what you really need to do isstart thinking about, like who do you want to be along that journey?Not Right, do I want to have the titles and things like that,and it's not to say, Oh, don't strive to be CEO, don'tstrive for this Gosh, shoot for the moon, sure, but ultimately doit for the right reasons. Do for...

...the reasons to fulfill you personally anddo it for who you want to be at the end of the day,because all sutimately, that's what matters. What's going to matter is the impactthat you want to have. An others no, and I think that's great. A gentleman I just interviewed and it's going to be an episode. Heis a dear friend of mine, but his name is Dan Moore and hejust did a Ted talk and it was talking about is your why a lieright? Same thing all, are we really aligned? And hit one ofhis last things. And then I want to get to the couple things thathave about your book. But he always said you get one ticket on thisride and when you're done, do you have regrets or you fulfilled? Soto your point, is sometimes we are focused on doing things, maybe forthe wrong reasons. We think they're the right but in our heart we're goingthey're really wrong and we're we've talked ourselves into it and all of a suddentimes done or the rides over and you...

...go, Oh, if I only, if I could have and and that's why I love the title of thebook. So so I want to jump into this because, as always,reading it, and I'm just you probably about fifteen twenty pages in, andit's and it's a great book. It's a compact read, folks. SoI'm recommending this book highly. I'll make sure it's in the show notes here. But you talked about this idea of your excitement for traveling, yes,but how you've moved that towards all experiences in your life. So let mejust ask you a couple things. So I got to put them for thoseof you listening. I gotta put on my glasses because I'm half blind.But you say embrace novelty. Right, that's number one, no matter whatit is, embrace novelty. Number two is be curious. Number three ischeck in with yourself along the way. Right, weird. That was whatwe were talking about before, getting feedback on what's going on. Don't planevery detail. Love that. I want...

...to hear more about that and thenkeep a travel journal about the experience. So that makes complete sense. WhenI'm going on vacation, as you're saying, don't plan everything and keep a traveljournal. Give me the I love it. Talk to me about howthat parallel one applies to all of your experiences, you know. And then, secondly, what you know? This idea of travel. I guess itmeans we're traveling on this. So it makes sense too. So so talkto me of a little about that out of those different steps, because Ifound it really soon as I read it. It just it just was like abell that went off on my head and I was like, boom,I got to ask Tony about this. Yeah, no, I you know, obviously it comes right through this this idea that I love travel. It'snot just about sitting on a beach. It's about having adventures that really,you know, Fill your soul with, you know, an understanding of theworld and those tips that I've been I'm...

...offering, and you know how theytranslate into your into your life, and how to create a better path foryou. It's novelty is what our brains crave, especially during periods of findingourselves in the malaise of the patterns I'm stuck in. So the novelty iswhat will really kind of get us unstuck and trying new things will help tosee. Well, maybe this thing that I'm seeing well, you know,get me unstuck and think. You know, I never I never thought about tryingto, you know, blow glass or play the guitar or just goingon a hike someplace. And there I've been hiking. You know, thatmight be something that will lighten me up and create something new and me rightwhere, you know. And then the writing in the journal is something thatis so powerful because what happens is it helped, helps you to think aboutthis is what's happening in my life at this point. But, as wesaid before, you know you're on a...

...journey that you know, the studenthas not necessarily met the right teacher yet, and when you do, you're goingto want to make sure that you know, when you reflect back onyourself and you say like that's where I was. Now I'm here right now. I can follow the bread crumbs that have been laid out in my journal, my exercising, that you're on that that element of writing, on youryour journey, you'll start to see the things that have been the patterns,the trends, the feet threads that are being laid out for you. Sois that because I love the the the the curiosity, but the idea ofplanning details. What struck me about that is I've been guilty of it.I know I know people who I've run across who ask me for advice orI've counseled or coached or whatever however you want to say. The planning ofall the details it create potentially can create...

...a hesitation of taking that first stepbecause that's not all perfectly mapped out. Versus what you're saying is trust togiving yourself enough details to have a sense of direction, but allow your curiosity, and I think that's why I love this, is that the curiosity willpush you through, to say that's going to keep you going because you knowwhat's around the corner. Give yourself check in with feedback and go, amI in the right direction whatever, but that don't let the planning stop youfrom moving forward. But that, that's something I thought was very powerful.Yeah, you're absolutely right. Of the money, I mean he's like youwant to make sure that you have some directional sense, but the evings inspace for serendipity to show up and allow yourself to, you know, seewhat this avenue might treat for you, but then, you know, lookingfor those elements of like what is this all telling me, when direction isis all creating for me? There's a...

...magic in all this that as youcontinue to let it unfold and checking into saying like, you know, whatis this for revealing? Right, I really like that and I think youknow, as I said, I just a few pages in, but it'sjust it's hooked me because of that. It seems very your writing style isvery accessible. It's not talking down at you or preaching to say hey,you're on the wrong mountain, go over here. But what I love it'sthat balance of and I think those five steps really encapsulate the book and andand part of our conversation today. It seems that we we always must remindourselves that new is not bad. It's understanding and taking time to be curious, to ask so that we can make a decision to say that's not reallysomething I want to embark on today, where ever, that's okay too,or I'm not at that moment, versus,...

...as soon as I hear it,it's no right. You know you're going like that's no. But it'sthis idea of you're in control all of it. You're in control of thecuriosity, you're in control of the the journey, you're in control of gettingthe feedback and and the planning or not planning, and then then the documentationof this all. I really love that because again it goes back to theinspiration, because they think in that framework you can find inspiration to find theright path. You can also find the right teacher. You could be theright teacher for someone, because it's that sense of movement forward versus getting sobogged down in the minutia today or limiting yourself from trying something new. Because, as you said back when we were talking about the leaders who don't wantto move forward, I'm really comfortable in what what, what's what has alwaysbeen. But the world could have moved...

...by and you're still stuck in theway you did it before or your fear of moving forward. So I reallyand I think that goes back to your point, then you could end upat the top of the ladder on the wrong mountain because you're so adamant aboutthis is the way I have to do it, or I've convinced myself todo it, because you've lost the novelty or creativity. Absolutely, absolutely,just love that what you've taken out so far the book and I'm I can'twait to see what you come back with after you read it because, yeah, on your insights are spot on. It's beautiful. Now this is goingto be one that I'm going to get some copies and send to people andsay just just read this one. Well, I hope you enjoyed that. Iknow I did. I, as I said in the episode, I'malready reading the book and I find it really inspiring and made me think,made me question a few things, reinforced where I was going. But again, I always like to be challenged to think things through. So please,in the show notes you'll see where the...

...book please order the book. Reachout to him. As he said, he loved to chat with you aswell. Really wonderful conversation. I really enjoyed that today. So, asI say always, please don't forget to subscribe on Apple Or, if you'rean android user, over on spotify, you can also go to the youtubechannel and watch the episodes as well. Please make sure you share it out. I know there's a lot of people who could benefit from the conversation Ijust have with Tony. As always, I appreciate your attention. I knowthere's a lot of places that you can consume content with. The fact thatyou spend time with Tony and myself today means the world to me. Asthey say at the end of every episode, you're in charge, but now Tonygave you a few new tools and thoughts to help you become more successful, both personally and professionally. Thank you again so much and look forward toseeing you on the next episode.

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