"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch
"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch

Episode 100 · 1 month ago

The Ripple Effect- The 100th Episode with Glenn Pasch


As I cross through the 100 episode barrier, I took time to reflect on what I have learned. And on of the biggest things that surprised me was the idea of the Ripple Effect.

When I started the podcast in 2020, I had a goal of 100 episodes but also to help others. Help new managers or even experienced leaders improve their skills. Too often no one is helping train leaders but expects them to figure it out on their own.

Many days, I was not sure if this was helping, but over the last few months, the ripples hit. People let me know conversations I had with certain guests helped them. My tips worked and folks who I have worked with many years ago reached out to say thanks. 

You never know how your actions, however small, will ripple out to help others.

I appreciate all of the support, all my great guests and now on to more conversations.

About Glenn Pasch:

"Everyone finds themselves in charge at some point in their lives. Yet many of us lack the skills to generate consistent results. My goal is to help you learn the skills to adapt and grow in your personal and business life.”

Glenn Pasch is CEO of PCG Digital, a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses create and deliver customers raving, recommending & returning for more. He is author of 2 books including "The Power of Connected Marketing" and has spoken and educated audiences throughout the US and internationally.

Let’s Connect:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennpasch/

Personal Website http://glennpasch.com/

Company website: https://pcgdigital.com/

Support for this episode comes from P CG digital. It is anywhere from difficult to impossible to manage everyaspect of the changing digital landscape. Rather than trying to do ityourself, why not leave it to an award winning team of Digital MarketingSpecialists who have mastered it all connect your message with morepotential customers with P C digital go to P C G Digital Com for moreinformation, one hundred episodes. That's right.This is number one hundred of the urine charge. Conversations at spark change,podcast on your host, Clim Passion. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone, and let you know that I do appreciateeverything that you've done to support this podcast, if you're just findingthis podcast. Now I love it. If you...

...would subscribe wherever you listen topodcast or watch the YouTube channel. That just you know, lets me know thatpeople are listening and that it is having an impact and that's what Iwanted to share today. Usually I'm having conversations with individualsthat I think bring great value to the audience, but to day I wanted to take just a fewminutes for myself to talk about something that I think all of us, especially those of usin leadership positions, may not realize, and I was unsure if I was going to talkabout this, but then Lo and behold, I definitely believe the world shows youthings when you need to. There was right on a post in one of my socialmedia feeds the ripple effect and that's what I wasthinking about.

We often get caught up looking at what I would say is just the end result.Did we win? Did we lose we're working so hard in our businessesevery day? Maybe we're taking his step back and we're working on the business, but often we don't realize the rippleeffect that one our actions have on others and, more importantly,the good things that we're doing how that has an impact on others. When I first started the podcast alittle over a year ago, my good friend, Michael Serillos, who was instrumentalin helping me launch he always kept saying, don't look at the number of subscribers or streams thatyou have just put out good content. It...

...will find its landing spot and, ofcourse, over the time, I called him up multiple times and hepulled me off the you know up the ceiling because I was wearied. I wasn'tseeing growth, I wasn't sure it was connecting, but what was interesting was not justthe occasional comment on a video, but in in times where my team would say I listened to that itfelt like you were talking to me. It was helpful someone who I was at agathering of friends who said: Oh, I didn't realize you had a podcast, Ilistened to it and wow. It's really good. I shared it out with people aswell as now. I was recently at a a large conference and how many people said keep going. Ilove your love. Your content love these...

...conversations, especially becausethey're, not the typical conversations or they're, not just focused on theindustry. In this case it was an automotive contrast conference. Youknow it's not just automotive or the same people or even if you have thosepeople you're asking them different questions that we never would have asked them, or wereally like hearing about it, so that ripple effect goes out the tentacles ofwhat you're doing reaching out to individuals having that impact for a lot of times, you just don't know how you've helped. I still to this day,stay in touch with some people that I've known for twenty thirty yearsworked at previous jobs with them and I'm always humbled by. When I get you know just a little message orsomething on a post to say you know I,...

I still use your training philosophy orI still remember when you were a manager. You know you always askquestions, you didn't tell people what to do. I didn't understand it, but nowthat I'm a leader and I'm in charge of things, I use that and it's really helpful. So Iappreciate all you: Did you helped me? I have a very dear friend. He alwayswill remind me. He said you know way back when you talk to me and Gosh. Thishas to be now twenty going on twenty five thirty years. He would say youknow you, you had me start a four one K. I didn't understand it and he said youtold me about saving some of my money and he says I can't thank you enoughbecause of the now twenty five years later, the position I'm in financially.He says I'm not a millionaire by any stretch of the imagination but I'vesaved money. My House is paid off my I'm in a position where I don't stress,...

...and he said it was all about aconversation I had with you over lunch one day and to me it wasn't. I look back it. Wasn't me coaching him. Iwasn't, you know, saying hey come into my master mind or let me help you dothis or I'm going to be your coach. You just asked for advice, and in passing Isaid this, and so that's what I'm saying is a lot of times these conversations thatyou have with people or that help that you offer some one. You don't know theripple effect of what will happen. It can be intentional, meaning I'm goingto go work for a charity, or this is what I do to volunteer. You still won't know all of the impactthat you have on others or that ripple effect, but the thing that I've learned from these one hundred episodes is there. Somany fascinating people out there who are willing to share...

...advice strategies if you're willing toask them the question. I can't tell you I'm working on it now, but how manybooks people have recommended, or things that have motivated them, thatother people now are going hey. I read that book that your guest recommended and it was so helpful wherethere was a gentleman that helps with succession planning and someone. In aconversation I mentioned that I interviewed someone they said. Oh,where is that I sent them the link to the PODCAST, sent them a link to theirbook they reached out to the person and now that person is helping them througha challenging time. That's the tentacle that I never would have expected.That's the ripple effect that is so gratifying. From doing this, I've beeninspired. I hope that I'm getting better at thisall the Times that I do this. I started this podcast with the with the goal ofhelping those who find themselves in...

...charge of a project, a team of businessbuild skills to be better at it, because a lot of times were thrown intothese situations and no one's there to help us or we don't know who to ask forhelp or we're afraid to ask. So I hope in my own way that this podcast hashelped people build skills, challenges their thinking, maybe a few laughs, but I hope it's brought as much to youas it has to me. I love the fact that I get to interview folks and have theability to talk to some people that maybe I never would have met. I know alot of them, I would never have met. They wouldn't have crossed my paths ifI didn't have a podcast, and so I challenge all of you not necessarily togo, create a podcast but be open to conversations seek out. People don't be afraid to ask a question ofanyone, even if you think they're super successful and they never respond to me,you would be surprised how many people...

I know who are extremely successful.They love to help they love to be asked questions. That's why they'resuccessful because they lead with their hearts so again. Thank you so muchwe're going to get back to conversations with other folks. I don'tlike to just take up a whole episode with me talking, but I did want to markthe one hundredth episode. That was a goal I said. Well, let me get to ahundred episodes and see how I feel- and I feel so energized so inspiredthat I am so grateful. I just hope that I can just ask all of you one favor andthat's please if you find value share it with somebody, let's spread themessage: Let's introduce your friends, your networks, to thesephenomenal guests, and so again I hope it brings you value. I thank you foryour attention. It means the world to me s as they say at the end of everyepisode you're in charge, but I hope...

I've been giving you and my guests havebeen giving you some tools to help. You become more successful, both personallyand professionally. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you in thenext episode a.

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