"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch
"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch

Episode 107 · 2 months ago

Self Awareness & Optimized Leadership with Wylie McGraw


As individuals and leaders, we constantly strive to improve our performance. We read books, listen to podcasts like this or attend masterminds or conferences. All great things to help improve performance. 

But without self awareness of strengths and weaknesses, you could be building your skills on a faulty foundation. How do you know? What can you do?  

In this episode, Wylie McGraw, Combat Veteran, Star Athlete and now Performance Accelerator shares what he feels are the building blocks of being an optimized leader. He takes the audience through his journey to success and now how he works with individuals to unlock their true potential  

Exciting conversation and really tactical as well. Enjoy the conversation. 

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About Wylie McGraw  

Wylie is a Performance Accelerator who thrives on assisting high-performing CEOs, entrepreneurs, and public figures break through their limitations and take their performance and their business to an even higher level.  

He draws on his experience as a former star baseball pitcher, competitive bull rider, and 3-tour combat veteran to help individuals eradicate stress and push beyond their boundaries to achieve new levels of sustained success in everything they do.  

For more than a decade now, Wylie has been working one-on-one with the highest-performing professionals, from Wall Street and Hollywood to pro sports and Fortune 500 companies, helping them accelerate beyond what they ever imagined possible. Wylie believes that self-mastery can be attained by pushing way beyond your comfort levels to discover levels previously unknown to oneself.  

Connect with Wylie:  

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wyliemcgraw/

Website: https://www.wyliemcgraw.com/ 

About Glenn Pasch:   

"Everyone finds themselves in charge at some point in their lives. Yet many of us lack the skills to generate consistent results. My goal is to help you learn the skills to adapt and grow in your personal and business life.”  

Glenn Pasch is CEO of PCG Digital, a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses create and deliver customers raving, recommending & returning for more. 

He is author of 2 books including "The Power of Connected Marketing" and has spoken and educated audiences throughout the US and internationally.     

Let’s Connect:   

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennpasch/​

Personal Website http://glennpasch.com/

​Company website: https://pcgdigital.com/

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