"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch
"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch

Episode 98 · 1 month ago

Scott Simons: Where Do Great Leaders Find Mentors


We admire great leaders. Yet we never ask the question, who mentors these individuals? Who helps them improve?

In this episode, Scott Simons shares with host Glenn Pasch how he has surrounded himself with other leaders who help keep him focused on his goals.

From looking to new areas to explore, Scott realized doing things only by himself never worked. Finding others who did what he was trying to do to help guide him allowed himself to achieve goals faster.

Very tactical and brutally honest. Well worth your time.

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About Scott Simons

Scott Simons is a very successful entrepreneur that is involved in multiple businesses across many industries. Scott’s main focus is in the auto industry. Scott’s dream growing up from very humble beginnings was to be a car dealer.

Scott started selling cars 25 years ago after getting his Master’s degree. Through blood, sweat, tears, Scott was able to buy into his first car dealership with Carter Myers Automotive in 2010. Scott now the President and General Manager of CMA’s Valley Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Jeep, Nissan, RAM, Subaru, VW located in Virginia.

Scott has been recognized as one of the top people in the automotive industry by the Automotive News. Scott has parlayed his success in the auto industry to multiple other businesses.

Deputy Sheriff Reserve

OG Member of the Arete Syndicate

Apex Executive

Member of the Lion’s Den

P Fit Fitness Franchises (part owner in multiple locations)

Partner HRevive (HR Community)

Everbowl (investor)

Factory Antique Mall (Partner)

Horizon’s Edge Sports Complex (Partner)

Farmer Focus Chicken (Investor)

Biotech Company (Investor)

Accredited Investor in multiple Cardone Capital Funds

Angel Investor

About Glenn Pasch:

"Everyone finds themselves in charge at some point in their lives. Yet many of us lack the skills to generate consistent results. My goal is to help you learn the skills to adapt and grow in your personal and business life.”

Glenn Pasch is CEO of PCG Digital, a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses create and deliver customers raving, recommending & returning for more. He is author of 2 books including "The Power of Connected Marketing" and has spoken and educated audiences throughout the US and internationally.

Let’s Connect:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennpasch/​

Personal Website http://glennpasch.com/​

Company website: https://pcgdigital.com/

Support for this episode comes from P CG digital. It is anywhere from difficult to impossible to manage everyaspect of the changing digital landscape. Rather than trying to do ityourself, why not leave it to an award winning team of Digital MarketingSpecialists who have mastered it all connect your message with morepotential customers with P C G digital go to P C G Digital Com for moreinformation. I believe, there's two great qualities of leaders that set them apart from others. One istheir ability to coach and develop their team and managing down leaning inhelping them achieve their potential and and generate consistent success. Ithink the other trait that really separates the really truly greatleaders is their ability to manage up or reach up to those in theirorganization or outside of their organization, to create a network ofpeople that are going to help men toward them push them to maximize theirpotential. I think we have a tendency as leaders to think that, once we hit acertain level, we don't need help, but the truly great ones really are alwayssearching for someone to help them push them coach them. And that's what we'retalking about in today's power episode of the podcast with Scott Simons, he byall means is incredibly successful. Individual he's a partner in owningautomotive dealerships and multiple other businesses, but the key to hissuccess, and he shares that to day is surrounding himself with other. Likeminded individuals who are successful, who challenge him, show him differentways to strategically become a better business person, a better personhimself and a better leader. So, let's dive into today's power episode ofurine charge conversations that far change and chat with Scott Simons aboutsurrounding yourself with people who...

...are going to push you to become moresuccessful. So now we're at you know you as aleader and it seems like you're, doing a really good job with the people belowyou right me and my team the associates and do there. I think every good leader upwards needs to surround that. So so,for you who's and you're doing a lot ofdifferent things. I mean you're and you know breakfast with champions on clubhouse. Your you're in these organizations talk about that. What doyou do in order to fuel yourself to challenge yourself? How do you surroundyourself with people that are going to push you forward? You know almost thethought of well now, I'm on their team and they're helping me pull me forward.How did you do that and who are they yeah, so somebody that I followed andhe's a mentor of mine I invest with in his grand part own, I mean he's. Had Aninfluence in my life he's you know, can be a polarizing figure, but you know he taught me about money, saving money,investing money, some of the groups that I'm in I spend about a hundred thousand a year incoaches or development on me personally, and the reason why I do that is, I wantto learn and be. I want to stretch my mind I easily, when back in twothousand and ten realized a dream of mine by burn by Bin. In to my firstcardiospermum was the dream of mine to be a part or n of a car delors. That'sall I ever wanted and when I got in there I said well, Icould be. I've got got two ways to go here. I can either really catapult itwhere some people may say: Hey I've arrived right and I'm a I'm part ownernow, and I said no, no, no, how I've...

...worked so hard to get to where I'm at,and I remember a meeting in the show room we whenever we acquire a store whichI've been through the acquisition of five of them or six. Actually we keep everybody, give them anopportunity. We don't just come in and despite everybody right, that's notwhat our culture is. So when we did, I remember standing in the show room hereI was rural hand and we sma and I went in together and purchased real Handaand I said hey our goal is to own every dealership in this town. Now we had notsold a car one car and all the people in the show room. Look can be like thisdudes nuts. He read even sold a car yet and he's in here saying that we, ourgoal, is to own every single in in town and since then took over VW Honda.Nissan Balto's got Christer Daggy, Brahma's, open point and looking togrow, because I didn't want to rest on my laurels and then, when you getaround the end, my lets the Andy for Selas, the Danel delgados a lot ofpeople that I I'm in Ryan, stumacs group Apex, I'm in art, syndicate apexand the lines then, and all of those are to get around people. That stretchmy mind and don't allow me to get comfortable right and none of thosepeople are in the auto industry. I am really fortunate. I became the Godto guy in these groups to buy cars from especially with this chip shortage. I'mselling a bunch of I mean I had messages yesterday and my wife kind oflooked at me goes you're sure communicating a like you, okay, what'sgoing on is something wrong at work, and I said no, no! No! No. I said I'mselling a pink jeep to a lady and some of the you know Jessica in anotherstate. I was working with the guy by the G MC Denali truck in Texas. I wasworking like three or four deals yesterday on a Sunday through textmessage, because now they recognized me as a person that could help themacquire vehicles specialized IP shortage. But now I joined those groupsspecifically not to allow myself to get comfortable and you know, invest inthat amount of money in your...

...development. You want to return on yourinvestment. So when I go to these meetings and arm in these groups, itreally pushes me out of my comformed. I may be a bigger fish in this smallerpond. But how are you out in the sea or how are you in this bigger lake andwhat I ideas is man? I got a long way to go and in my lets taught me a lotyou know about being resembling the person that gotenvisioned you to be well, I'm a Christian, a you know. I would ratheract. You know act like a Christian thanprofessed to be a Christian, so you won't hear me sharing. You know a bunchof Bible, verses or Grit. My views on somebody else. I would rather go andand act like a good person or have I or have good Karma yeah, but I mostdefinitely a Christian. You know so yeah. I joined those groups in orderto push my mind in order to make me level up, I mean whenever I invest insomething I want to tone my investment, so you got imagine if I'm investing ahundred thousand a year, I'm a one million. You want a million back now,but my what I love about that is the fact that it's not in theautomotive. I think there are a lot of people that the fault surroundingthemselves, with, even if they're, successful right, let's let's say,they're, successful at what they do but you're just within that same industry.I don't I'm not sure you get the bang for your buck, because you're justfocused on what we do in this industry versus someone like and admilationsaying. Well, here's what how I built my business here is what I do and it'scompletely outside of it. So now you're looking at it and say: Well what couldI take from him or that industry and apply it to my life or apply it to mybusiness internally, and I think we have a tendency to only focus on whatthat deal er down the streets doing versus what could I learn from thatsteak house in terms of great customer...

...service that I love going to? What didthey do that? Maybe I could do a my dealership. You know- and I love thatidea of challenging your mind with people that are not of your sameindustry or common group, see I communicate andfollow the Brim Ben Stocks. You know the Alex Florez is the Josh Comings. Igo visit. Other people stores we're in twenty groups. You know I go to themake meetings if somebody's doing something successful, I'm going to betthem, but that's only going to take you so far. You know we need to learn fromthe ant. The amazons and you know the apples- and you know these other peopleand I've learned from them. I mean one thing that we're doing, which I knowsome dealerships. Don't we track relationship calls versus transactionalcells and we had a goal of where I or number used to be, and our number waswhen we first started tracking this. In about the ties I now we're up to almostwe're in the mid S and what the difference is is: Did the dealershipgenerate the lead either the manufacture, the dealership or I walkin or did the individual cells rip generate the lead and then our goal isis to get their percentages up higher. So we help them brand themselves, whichyou know back in the day. Dealerships didn't want you to be bigger than youat me. So now we had them. We give them a playbook. Well, this playbook we givethem. I learned from Ryan Stoma in the Apex Group and nothing to do with autoindustry. He has a system called builder machine where you're buildingyour machine, your online presence on social media. So, like I'll give you anexample. We ask ourselves rips when they come in check in with either avideo facebook live is perfect, if not record a video or a picture in front ofthe dealership hey. This is Scott Simons, I'm here at the CAS Valley DerShips today, you know I'm a checking on facebook to I'm also going to share iton instagraam and I'm going to say you...

...know, I'm here to assist you with anyyour automotive needs. Look. I know it's crazy time right now with thesechips, but I'm here to serve you, my cell phone numbers here text me call medme any questions that anything to do with anything automotive right contactme. Then we have them, go through their tasks in our serm right that thehighest funnel. Then we have them send down encouraging messages which welearn from Glen Lundy to people both in their phone. We have so many contacts aday and in their facebook you know, hey cinema message,hey glance been a while, since I talked to you, how is your daughter, your son,whoever the case would be how's your family doing, hey anything. I could dofor you I'm here to serve. Keep me in mind. Don't know, just touch touch,touch, yuch touch and by doing that, we help train if we sell your vehiclewe're going to fringe you on that on facebook, we're going to put a pictureof you and I we're going to get authorization with your comment on itand then we're going to tag you in the post that way every year that postcomes up as a memory and then you can want it goes to everybody's facebookfeed too. It shows your selling cars, oh by the way, if you've got a trade,I'm going to take a picture of your trading. A separate post, Hey Glen, istraded in this pre owned Honda Odyssey. You know he took verygood care of, but he's very meticulous. It hasn't went through the shop yet.But if you're interested, let me know- and if you could convince this- thecustomer to do a video with yeah- it's a great vehicle. I just wanted toupgrade to the new honesty so we're going to post your trading, then whatwe do in the afternoon. We go and find five of our most recent trades and wehave each show room share those, and then we asked the sales rip to sharethe other sales rips trade so that when, when ourselves are apt, we have fiftypost these it's going out all over their social media or that's reallyground, like that's gorilla marketing at its best you're, just really doing alittle leg work and leveraging your staff to push it out into their network.It costs right now on our message to them. Is Manufacturers aren'tadvertising right now we're selling as...

...many as we get in we're, notadvertising right now. So, if you're going to sell something you're going to need to advertise this,because if you just let it go through the shop, it's going to go online andit's going to be sold within a day or two anyway right. It's going to go tosomebody else, so we showed him that a referral closes at twice the percentageand actually the gross margin is higher. You know it's just they. You know somepeople that care about you. They actually say. I want to make sure thisis fair to you, because I know you're going to take care of right. That'swhen you've done a good job building that report with them. So that's justsome of the things that we pivoted during this, but these are things Ididn't learn from here, like Andy for Sella through first form he's built ahalf a billion dollar company. Every order you order through him. The personthat puts it in your order gives you a handwritten note: Hey go in! Thank youfrom ordering this protein. I really hope that it works for you. If you haveany questions, call me hand, writes it Scott Liza Vorses, we have sevenhundred employees, she hand, writes every single one of them. A thank youletter personalize thank you letter to them on their anniversary. So if I'vebeen here eleven years, I've got eleven cards from her right. She does it forevery single ploy and he does handwritten messages on every order. Nomatter where you order from or not well, success leaves clues. This is somethingI learned outside of the autumn industry right, you know. So these arebest practices that I've learned from other people that are thinking outsidethe box and I still learn from the Brian Bin Stocks and sure sure. Butthat's what I love is that you're doing both you're finding the best in yourindustry who are maximizing your to work, trying different things, but whatI also like is just because it works for, let's say Brian Ben Stock at hisstore. It may not work for you, but at least it's getting you to think. Let mesee if it fits now there. The mistake is a lot of times people who go upBrians doing it all do and sometimes there's a disconnect, but I love thatyou're doing both you're looking outside or you're saying thisexperience resonated with me for...

...resonates with me. It's probably goingto resonate with my customers, and then you put it through that filter to saywell, would it work in my store? Maybe it will? Maybe it won't, but you'realways open to looking and testing or trying, or at least questioning. Howcan we ultimately make it better for our customers and our employees day andday out to help grow? Our company perfect example, exactly what you justgot through stating Brian Binstock is in in New York, I'm in the western partof Virginia, Not West Virginia western part of Virginia very rural area, Brianand his staff dressed to the nines. They all wear suits and they lookfantastic. I mean his team is a good looking professional team. Yes, we wonthe presidence award here. We Wear Polos name tag which I don't have myown right now. I've got name tag in our shirts. We have to have Nice Ly.Pressed you know you have to you, know the basics. You know make sure Youuhave breath mats brush your teeth, Blah Blah Blah de Oder. Your pants arepressed. You know your shoes are got on Nice, looking shoes, but we don't wearties we don't wear suits, never have we won the president's award ten yearsin a row here we're one of the only stories to when it ten yearsconsecutive from year. One now there's people I wined fifty years consecutive,but they didn't win at the first year straight through and we're all paced towin it again. This year, which make eleven years, which were very proud of,we won the presence ward. He hounded people showed up, we had on suitscustomers were coming in. The show room were decked out right because Hondashere, they're, like lady Kimiga, did someone die, we're like a you know,because you're in suits and our in suits, we never see all in suits. Likedid somebody know, we want an award. Oh Okay and another customer came in likewhat's going on in here right now. You know so that just shows your ardemographics like a suit. A real, expensive press suit would intimidate alot of people in our areas, so I'm not...

...going to go and wear our suits becauseBrian Binstock, where suits, was exactly what you talked about. Norwould I dress the way we do. That's not just you know, you have to know yourmarket or the image of where you are and what's going to work for youraudience, I mean that's. Just basic marketing, but what I love is that you put it throughthat decision, filter of saying just because it works for him now. Whatcould I take? Well, it's consistency. They're all dressed the same they're, all very sharp and clean cut,and you meaning that they're. Well. How can we do that here? Well, if we'rewearing POLOS, they have to be pressed if you're wearing pants, make surethey're pressed and or we have a similar color scheme, and you know soit's I. You can find similarities in that of the approach without saying Ihave to wear suits, but you go through yours and say yeah. We want to makesure that we look this way and how does that fit our culture? So I really lovethat, but I think the bigger thing for the listeners is ask questions of people who are outsideof your industry or when you never forget, you're a consumer yourself. Sowhat do you like when you interact with other businesses? What do they do thatyou like? What do they do that you don't like goes back to that firstexercise. You were talking about with the manager. What do they do that Ilike? What do they do that? I don't like. Don't do that same thing, ifthere's something that you don't like in an experience that you went to aretail store or a restaurant, you should be coming back and saying: Arewe doing that? Are we potentially doing that without realizing it and thenadjusting and tweaking along the way? Well, I hope you enjoyed that episode.I know I got a lot out of it. Scott is truly an amazing individual and Ireally like the way that he talked about how having these mentors has madehim a better leader for the for his...

...team, because he's learned from othersdifferent techniques in different styles that he can then bring into hisorganization so really great. I hope you enjoyed it as always. Make sure that you are subscribed tothe podcast wherever you listen to podcast be an apple or spotify. Pleasemake sure that you share this out. I'm sure there's a lot of individuals whowould benefit from listening to what's got shared today, make sure you reach outto him on facebook on linked in connect with him. Also he's on club house inthe morning on breakfast with champions a great room. I think you'd get a lotout of it as well. As always, I appreciate your attention. I knowthere's a lot of places that you could go to consume your content, but thefact that you spend some time with Scotton me today. That really means theworld to me. I thank you so much as I say at the end of every episode you'rein charge, but now Scott has given you a few more tools to help you becomemore successful, both personally and professionally and moving towards theleader that you want to be thanks again so much, and I look forward to seeingyou on the next episode a.

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