"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch
"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch

Episode 104 · 1 month ago

Marc McGurren: Facing Addiction & Winning


In one of our most open and honest episodes, Marc McGurren, Founder and CEO of McGurren Consulting shares his battle with addiction.

Of ten we think of addiction as a weakness or for "losers" but Marc is highly successful and so were the people he met on his journey. Marc talks about how alcohol first was social and then became something to fill a hole. 

What pushed him to address it, how he did it and how he continues to win the battle today. I am so proud of his courage and strength to be so open. 

And as Marc asks in this episode "Are you happy with who you see in the mirror?"

Hope you enjoy this powerful episode.

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About Marc McGurren

Marc McGurren is an entrepreneur at heart and the proud co-founder of McGurren Consulting. Prior to creating McGurren Consulting he was a partner with Brian and Glenn Pasch at PCG Companies and Internet Director for a nine-store auto group in Texas. For almost six years at PCG he helped dealerships all across the country sell more cars through his proven processes, training, and best practices.

Now with the formation of McGurren Consulting with his wife Amber McGurren, they continue their training with clients on an even more intimate level. McGurren Consulting was formed out of the passion of Marc and Amber to help dealers be more profitable in an ever-changing digital world.

Connect with Marc : https://mcgurrenconsulting.com/

About Glenn Pasch:

"Everyone finds themselves in charge at some point in their lives. Yet many of us lack the skills to generate consistent results. My goal is to help you learn the skills to adapt and grow in your personal and business life.”

Glenn Pasch is CEO of PCG Digital, a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses create and deliver customers raving, recommending & returning for more. He is author of 2 books including "The Power of Connected Marketing" and has spoken and educated audiences throughout the US and internationally.

Let’s Connect:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennpasch/​

Personal Website http://glennpasch.com/​

Company website: https://pcgdigital.com/

Support for this episode comes from P CG digital. It is anywhere from difficult to impossible to manage everyaspect of the changing digital landscape. Rather than trying to do ityourself. Why not leave it to an award winning team of Digital MarketingSpecialists who have mastered it all connect your message with morepotential customers with P C G digital go to P C G Digital Com for moreinformation. Addiction is a really tough subject to tacklepart, because many of us are embarrassed about addiction, be it todrugs, alcohol, myriad of other things, and it's can be a burden that many ofus hold inside. But once you step past it and once you admit it and takecharge to say, I want to change the journey, isn't easy. But on that other side there is a lot of success, and thereason I'm talking about this, because in this power episode Mark Maguin, has been brave enough to share his journey. Howalcohol took charge of his life? How he was disappointed in who he was the manhe saw in the mirror and he had to come to terms and make a decision, as hesays, do I want to be trunk mark or do I want to be sober mark and he talksabout that journey and it's truly one of the most powerful episodes that Ithink I've done. So, let's dive into this power episode of urine charge,conversations that spark change with Mark Magara, personal accountability meanseverything, meaning your whole life and you have always been very successful.You know with all the teams you're...

...working with, and you know you postedsomething the other day on facebook and I knew about it, but a lot of people Idon't think did and you were very, in my opinion, very brave, to stand outthere and basically, you know shared your taking charge of your personal life interms of your drinking some of the personal things that were going on, andI remember the time when it was happening. You know you just got to a point ofsaying: listen. This is no long, no longer acceptable and the reason why Iwould love to discuss this is because I'm sure there's a lot of people whohave not just that issue, but other issues of behavior or be it just. Italk down to my people, I yell at my people. I don't think I'm you know.Someone was saying the other day when I was interviewing them the leader I waswhen I started versus fifteen years into it because I wouldn't have workedfor me. I would have a right. I would have cut out exactly he said you know.I was that leader that everyone hated, because I just yelled until someonehelped me understand that- and I took account, took charge of that. I tookCambellite so walk me through that, because I think there's a lot in it tohelp a lot of people who one may not understand it and number two is takecharge of a you know how you did take charge so that they can say well. I cantake charge of x in my life just as well absolutely, and so the post thatGlen you're referring to is you know back, and I was back in August that Iposted I'm four years over and my heart behind it was for thelongest time I was ashamed of my alcoholism. I was ashamed of. This is who I am or what I've become,or all the negative connotations that takes off M and itsucked you know to. I wasn't proud. I don't want to. I was thirty, eightthirty, nine years old and I went to rea,...

...and that was the hard that was I'malready getting an emotional now, but they would because you don't look upand because from the House I'd looking in wonderful marriage, three kids, youknow successful working with UN bride. I mean everything from the outs I meanliterally for the world's perspective right. The world was, I wasn't going tothe bottle for liking a better term, because I was Oh, my gosh. I got a youknow pies the day you know it was. I started going to the bottle andlongstone one thing. I learned was that they said Reap. Was You know? Alcoholwill do what it does every single time it gets you the results. You want rightnow. He I mean there's no black and I going. If I do this, what's going tohappen this time now it it's the most consistent thing in the world, becauseit's going to do what it's a is designed to do, and so I was looking up.I was thirty and thirty nine and Iremember glan looking in the mirror and- and it didn't happen overnight, samething of how you kind of get out of whack from a perspective, you don'tjust turn on a alcoholic of one drinker, one binge drinking of you know I was abench drinker. I wasn't in the hand I start drinking more every day, but it'syou started. Turning to that and you it was a slow progress, ramped up by many life events andwhatnot, but I remember looking in the mirror going, I'm I I recognized Glam and even saidto myself. I don't know if I said it out loud at least set on my head. IsI'm living a destructive life m? I was aware of I'm on a wrong path. I wasaware of that. You know and praise the Lord that I had an amazing support ofwife that walked alongside with me through that, but the whole idea behindthat post was to let others know...

...that they're not alone, because for thelongest time I did feel alone m. You know and that's why I support groups,alcoholic and Anon anonymous in a any type of those events are so successful because you can feel like you're on anisland right of something's wrong with me. I'm broke right that you're ashamedof that and even go into a a right you stepping out. It's like you got yourfamily of a a folks right where people share the same struggles. They speakyour language, but going outside of that. This stigma, at least in my mind,M, was not good and I'll, probably get choked upselling a story, but I remember making that post and and I've been thinkingabout it a while to post and I posted it on facebookright glad I within ten minutes I called amber my life balling. The manolake comment, I'm proud of youyou're amazing m. all this was so overwhelming that I was like holy crap. It's almost.Why haven't I shared this sooner? You know in the same place that you weren'tready to share it. I wasn't ready, but what I was amazed through that was thatI had so many people mark I'm struggling to message me yeah,I'm literally going to reaven four days, someone I used to work with mark I'm inReab right now. I had a gentleman text me call me a buddy of mine frommany years ago. Mark I didn't see your post, but someone told me about it. Iwas in Rehab when you got it and I was able to walk alongside them. Similar lives going. I would have neverthought right. I couldn't believe it.

You don't know what you're goingthrough and I think that's the I do full circle of fullaccountability is. I knew the path that was on. I was on thepath to literally lose everything in my life. You know so to. Let me ask you this,because, again and and and not as I had shared with you, I was very proud ofyou and, as I said, I remember the whole time, but you know taking a step back fromalcohol, because that's one but right there's a lot of people who, as we weretalking earlier about that gentleman who was a manager who sees the toxicbehavior that they're exhibiting to other people, but they don't know howto get out of it. They don't know how to ask for help they're, seeing thatthere's turnover in their business they're, seeing that nobody wants towork for them. They see that they're afraid when they walk around it couldbe food and your diet. It could be extra, there's a million. You know justyour relationship, you know with your wife or husband and you're out doingthings you shouldn't be doing and you're ashamed and it's so the question would be for that. Someonewho's feeling that right now, what was the you know? was there a trigger thatfinally said this? Is it? Was it someone else? What's the one where youfinally said, I can't go down because I'm from that listen I have threebrothers who are you know, alcoholics had they gone through, it and they'vebeen sober and I'm so proud of them as well. So I've been around it and I'veseen the trigger where it was like you got to the edge. You didn't gocompletely, but you got there right. So if someone's listening to this andagain it might be, you can talk yourself out of it like it's, not thatbad. Oh absolutely so talk to me about that journey of talking yourself out ofit again. In your case it was alcohol. Other people may have other thingswhere youore convincing yourself. It's not that bad. But what is that Pointifor you...

...and then what gave you? The strength tosay I have to change I'll put it this way. I googled. How do you know if you'redrinking too much swear if you're having to talk yourselfout of something if you're having to go? It's not that bad and and if I, becausethis is so- and I share that because I'm like oh my gosh mark, that was a clue for my even my own self. I mean,if you're having to talk yourself through it right of that toxic food alcohol relationships, your ability of coaching, you feel inthat blank, if you're having to actively mentally walk your through something's broke, soyou so what you're saying there, because there was someone who I hadtalked to, they were working in a toxic environment right. It wasn't good, theyknew, but it was that you're, almost what it sounds like is you're askinghow bad does it have to be ay or you're, trying to convince yourself that it'snot that bad right by googling those things? Well, it's not really bad yetor it's not bad or I'm okay, or look at all the good and and and you're tryingto either want to say distract yourself, but talk yourself out, because maybethere's fear on the other side of the decision were you're, fearful of theunknown. On the other side of that decision, a hundred B I mean that's.The key right is that it's that fear the UN know what if I do, get helpwhat's going to happen? What if I make that decision to get outof that Tox or relationship? What's going to happen right, you know and youget stuck, and you accept good enough, an you except...

...bad enough, because that's what youknow right right and you are conditioned to it- people around your condition to it. Butthis is the thing. Is I knew prior right? It wouldn't like it wasn't likeI look up and I got drunk one night. Oh my gosh got to go now. There was. Itwas a constant look in my wife's eyes of hurt things. I said that I don't rememberliterally, and there are so many times where, if this is the most importantperson in the world, why am I continuing to hurt this personright? Why am I goin and a lot of terms thatyourself to it, maybe you're not hurting someone else, but I bet you are.I bet you are because, let's say you're in that toxis job or you're, that toxicleader you're hurting others you're, not making people their best cells oryour your best self. And for me there was it I mean it really was therewas a lying. The sand became black out drunk on my wife'sbirthday. You know and you look up and it's going, there's gotto be a change and I mean that it was a no brainer because I was broke. You know- and Ihope no one has to get to the point to where there's that chance, where I gotthat buddy that wasn't read. That call me, and he says my wife wants a divorce right and I think theLord. I wasn't there because I think he lad it go that long.I don't know you know a distant friend and I'll say this is that if you're feel like it's bad enough, well you'relistening to this podcast number one right, so you are seeking to better yourself if you're seeking,if you're having a look up and go, is...

...this who you want to be a this is whoyou want to be whatever your agents? Is this therelationship, because I promise you it can be better right were years. On theother side, I I wish I would have got sober many manyyears ago. Sober mark is a much happier play we. We got drunk mark over hereand sever. That's what my wife- and I call me I don't want to go back. I don't want toyeah. I do miss a good glass of wine right, that's really all a mess, but isit worth that hack to the now, because I'm in a much happier place I'm a muchbetter version of WHO I want to be up because I looked in that mirror andgoing am I the father? I don't want to be. No, my ther husband, am I just aplain man that I want to be a right. No, it's so now yeah! Oh my in Utopia,heck now my wife will tell you no no, but I'm much better version of WHO, Iam I'm sure, there's there's not something in my way. In that perspective, that's getting mepreventing me from being it now. It's all me now, it's my habits. Now it'sI'm in control of what I am you know, and so and Ithink that's a that's a really good point. I don't mean to interrupted. Ilike that. What you just said is that I'm in control, because there's a lotof people who are in these situations, whatever the situation is, you know bad,I'm I'm creating a bed work environment at work in a bad work, environment,relationship to whatever it is, there's the sense of well. I don't have achoice or this is all I know, and I think going back to that fear of you know the fear of the other sidewere. Actually you know it's the fear of confronting yourself. I think,because I think when you have to go...

...through this, I've talked to mybrothers. Even for me, you know going back to therapy to talk about. You knowthings. You know it's just that fear of holding the mirror up to yourself andsaying why. Why is this happening? Why am I doing this and taking in goingback to accountability and responsibility? That's really what thisis. This is true responsibility that I am the boss that yells at people,because that's all I know, will then robe fixedthat go out and get training and become the better person. Well, what if itdoesn't get the results? Well, you're losing people, you know and you'rewasting time, train retraining, people, because you're driving them out thedoor or be your weight or just you know, tired of not feeling good. You know,there's people who go on the diets and finally say I'm exercise, because I'msick and tired of feeling sick and tired right that type of mentality. Soso to that point to the people who are here listening, the one say I don't know how to change that or I'm afraid to lookinside. What do you say to that? I mean becauseagain they have to be ready to do it, but the same moment in time. That isthe secret that unlocks the other side. You know, I mean that's the you canlead a horse to water right, I a drink, you know, and so this is the thing I'dsay to anyone. Whatever the situation is, is life can be richer? Life can be ifyou're struggle with those things right that it can be better hand. Is it you haveto be brave enough to take that first step. You have to be brave enough to goknow what I am tired of Joka right, unhealthy, filling it bytoxin. You know whatever that case is, and this is consumed me long enough,and that can just have to be that long. It doesn't have to be a long road, but you've got to sit there and realize...

...there's life on this other side.There's richness, there's fulfilment. There is happiness. There's I mean yourphrase that there's joy right, cus, I think joy can can come inside your lifehappiness is fleeting. My sold a heart, a car high five, that's happy right atthat. Won't Hi won't stay there, but that joy of life of richness offulfillments of you know- I guess just knowing who youare and being content with who you are as aperson. There's no other things. My perfect now,but I promise you this is that I'm much more content, I'm much more. You know much better place now than I was fouryears ago. Well, I hope you got as much as I did out of this. It really wasbrave. I can. I cannot say that enough. If you are struggling, please reach outfor help. I'm not a medical doctor by any stretchof the imagination, but the alcoholism has touched my life in various ways,and so I see I see the pain that it causes and but I also see the otherside of it. So again, I want to thank mark so much for his bravery. Please connect with him, as he said,he's always out there to chat help any way he can so with that. Thank youagain for listening. Please make sure you subscribe to the podcast, be it onApple spotify or wherever you listen to podcast. I do appreciate it. Pleasemake sure you share this out, especially this episode, I'm surethere's a lot of people that could benefit from mark's courage and what heshared with us. Please make sure you rate the podcastand leave a comment that way it expands podcast. But, more importantly, I hearback what you like and maybe there's someone who would like me to interviewor a topic. You would like me to jump on as well. So again, I I knowthere's a lot of places that you can...

...consume your content, but the fact thatyou spend some time with mark and myself means the world to me. Thank youso much as I say at the end of every episode, you're in charge, but now markgave you a few more tools to help you become more successful, both personallyand professionally. Thank you again. I do appreciate your attention and I'llsee you on the next, so I.

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