"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch
"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch

Episode 106 · 3 weeks ago

Dan Moore: Are You a Pretend Leader? Or Do Your Actions Match Your Vision


Dan Moore, President of VistaDash, author and TedEx speaker asks the question: 

"Do you know why your business exists?"

"Are you pretending or leading? 

Understanding why you are working at your business or leading your team really matters and at times can just be words. We may think our family is our "Why" but do your actions match up to that?

Are you actions matching up to what you think you are sharing with your team?

Always a great conversation with Dan Moore.

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About Dan Moore:

Dan is a big-idea thinker and strategist currently serving as the President of Vistadash and Author of the book “Do Moore, Get More". He also is a TedEx speaker. A devoted husband and father of three, he lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Despite his commitment to self-awareness (or perhaps because of it), he remains steadfast in his dislike of tomatoes.

Get Dan's book: https://amzn.to/3uVg7D2

Connect with Dan: linkedin.com/in/mooreofdan/

About Glenn Pasch:

"Everyone finds themselves in charge at some point in their lives. Yet many of us lack the skills to generate consistent results. My goal is to help you learn the skills to adapt and grow in your personal and business life.”

Glenn Pasch is CEO of PCG Digital, a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses create and deliver customers raving, recommending & returning for more.

He is author of 2 books including "The Power of Connected Marketing" and has spoken and educated audiences throughout the US and internationally.

Let’s Connect:

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Support for this episode comes from P CG digital. It is anywhere from difficult to impossible to manage everyaspect of the changing digital landscape. Rather than trying to do ityourself, why not leave it to an award winning team of Digital MarketingSpecialists who have mastered it all connect your message with morepotential customers with P C G digit go to P C G Digital Com for moreinformation. What we talked about is Your Yai withauthor and Tedx Speaker, Damn more about your personal life, meaning whatyou say is your: Why? Why are you working? Why are you doing the thingsyou do? If you say my family is the most important? Are you are youractions really backing that up? Are they really the most important? Do youhave to tweet what you're doing so that you really can live to support your?Why? But the other question is I, in today's power episode of our in charge,Dan mors back, but he's talking about is your Wili for business. How can weapply those same tactics that he talked about to your business and that's whatwe're going to jump in today? So, let's get started with this power episode ofYur in charge. Conversations at spark change with Dan. More so put put this same conversationthrough the Lens of business, where, if so easy, if I'm sitting here saying myteam is the most important thing or my business, my employees are the mostimportant thing to me: pivot, just a little into the business side of in whyI could be a lie: Yeah! No, absolutely so! First Time I say this to, as we sayin to this, is that you're? Why there isn't one wifethere's a multitude of wife? So don't think that okay well family, it can befamily and business. There can be layers. No one put rules on this. So aswe say we now into the business side of it, let's have some fun first and fourmonths, if you want you want to share your team, how much you matter keepshowing up Latin rescheduling meetings. You basically just sit the ultimatesignal: How much they matter right. I've been guilty show up five tenminutes late got tied up on another call. There's no, I mean bottom line is:If you value your people, you have to show up and you have to be presentmeeting if I'm having a meeting and all Suddin. Oh, I want to take this call. It's dangerous or the same roles apply.People are people right if you're, if you're having a one on one and you'redistracted, that's why I say: meetings are dangerous and and everybodywatching a running company. He were have intentional meetings meeting on ameeting about a meeting meeting just to get people to be like fluffiness likestop. If you're having a meeting. What is it? What is it we're trying toaccomplish? There's a point to the meeting if you're having like weeklyupdates, I mean we kind of you know again for us we'll have like you know, weekly updates and again youkind of get a state of and what everything's going on in the businessand it's an overview. It's only x amount of time, and then you move intothe some of the more critical meetings. But again our life is full of meetings,so, especially with the team, we have to show them the same respect we withShour family. It's that same exact, intentionality of I'm here, I'm on time.I'm present. What do we want to accomplish? You know especially, and itcan be the flip side too. I know we're talking about leaders running themeetings, but how many times we've all been in meetings where someone else istalking and we're looking at our phone or there now we used to have a rule ofno computers, no phones in the meetings. You know turn them off turn them over.Whatever central out some people would sit there and say: Oh I'm gonna, youknow take notes, but then g chats up...

...there they're working. So realistically,I think this is again going back to that intentionality and present. Howmuch time do we waste in meetings, because people were distracted bysomething else? And next thing you know they say. Oh sorry, den. What were yousaying and to one disrespectful to we just wasted time versus we're going tospend ten minutes? Seven minutes, five minutes whatever the number is allhyper focused and we can all get out of here versus a meeting for an hour andyou go. This could have been an email right. That's the joke ever said. No,it is a joke and I do think some of it's how you set your culture up. Imean you've got to give people the opt out right because again some people getpulled into meetings that are in there and they're like this there's nothing.I can contribute here right, like you got to have the no one should feel stuck in a meeting.I always say: If you're, not if there's no value here, there's nothing tocontribute. You have the right to back out. Youknow, but at the same point timee it especially now, because you can't putyour device away because nine times out of ten we're doing soon calls or Googleleads or whatever so you're on advice, but I think that you've got to haveintentionality. I think that you've got to depending on the type of meeting youknow, there's flexibility and some humor and some kind of you know againkind of go off the rails a little bit, and then you bring it back so the rigidstuff or trying to move something along to the point have a cadence keep you know, hurt allthe cats get to the objective, get to the in result. It to your point: couldit be, could start on an email if it ees a progress to that grate, but againit's just having that conversation with the teamsetting the guidelines to how you guys want to navigate meetings orconversations and then being intentional in those buts and havingsome some accountability measures right, I mean there's nothing wrong with alittle bit of team carat, you know team kind of coming to go and say: Hey Dan.Do we now had a good time for you? No! No! No! I'm sorry right! You got me an right, shame on me and that's part of also having a goodteam. If your team can't call you out, especially if you're a leader orwhatever, then you got to question some of your leadership because again we're in this together, the team isreally the mechanics of everything we're just there to clear the runway.So we've got to be all accountable to because again, if we're just saying I'mso busy, what I'm doing is excusable. What you're doing is it it's? It doesn't work that way right so hase the leader pace the pack. So ifyou're captain I'm on my phone and half in a meeting, you can't expect yourteam to be in the Metayer, well that the the poor leader would do that all of a sudden they puttheir phone down, say: Okay! Well, not now you put all your phones away,because now I'm ready I'm mentally here so snap to order when someone else ispresenting and they're sitting there on their phone or I've seen it a milliontimes is the. Let me go take this call, and everyone goes. We now we're stuckhere for twenty minutes like we can't move the meeting for a till Dan comesback and where's Dan, and next thing you know we're going up and everybodystarts or it, but the energy of the meeting just goes. This is why I hatemeetings versus ignoring that I mean literally, if you give your phone, ifyou left your phone in the office and you're in another office for a meeting,you wouldn't know that the phone rang you'd go pick it up later on and go ohglen called. Let me call Glen Back Right. I think that's where everything we've been talking about isthat intentionality of being present, because the people here are importantto me and it could be my family, it could be my friends, it could be. Itcould be my with my employees or my boss or whoever. The fact is when I'mhere with you it's important to me. So...

...nothing else should matter so then actthat way agree and also shows some humility. I mean, I can'tsay any times: I've had to apologize in the team, because I mean I made thecardinal sin right or hey yeah this question, for you o yeah, sorry was he paying attentioninstead of trying to like ov through it? It's like not out dude. My bad, like,like you've, got to follow the sort a couple times because again we're human we're goingto be nobody's perfect, so you're going to, as I call you're going to haverelaxes the question is: is: Can you catch it? Meaning there's been timeswhere I'm like talking to my wife and the phone serf, and I go I'm sorry and,and I just side arm it to the side and going sorrow like it got me, but I'mstill here yeah and then other times like I'm in it and and then the talkingbecause hurricane to me now is I'll. Just stop talking to you. So second, Igo silent right, I'm like Yep. I know I lilybean it'saccountability and that's what I'm saying you should never be off limits right to your family or to your teeth.I don't care what your position is and how mine Lido you think you are. Weshould never be off o the s. You can go, why I think a to the line, and then youget the exception. Does it a yeah? No, I think that's what wasinteresting. What you were saying earlier is- and you and I share thesame philosophy of you- know my job as the leader. Whatever position, I'm inis no important than anybody else is. I just do different things, but if you'regoing to build a culture which is a word to gets thrown around all the time,but if you're going to build a successful team and a success in, wesay that Er that could be a Beurre and no one knows what it is. But I I thinkto your point is that, if we're building an organization where we'reall focused on the goal and we're all working hard, that we should all asteammates, no matter what your rank is we're successful to that point, therewas a gentleman I was having a conversation with who was a new generalmanager and took over an automat deal dealership, but this could be anybusiness right and it was failing and one of the best things he said he didwas he took everybody's business cards away and he replaced every businesscard and everybody had the title manager. He says you all worked todrive this into the ground, we're all going to work together to build it up.So by giving everyone the title of manager, everybody was empowered totalk. Everyone was empowered to fix the problems without fear of I can't saythat to X Y Z, I thought that was just a brilliant strategy and you know fouryears later, it's one of the top most well run organizations I've run acrosswell, and that's a key word right there that you said it's the word in power.If you want people to do their job and again, you think about how manybusinesses we go into, and it's like, I can't find good people, they don't wantto work. You know all these things that go on now. There's some truth in someof it to are. We also have to ask more questions. Is, is what are we doing?What's our contribution to the problem right because again, there's thoseleaders that are very micro manager style, which means you can't seizewithout a coming through me. So then, therefore they're never goingto have an idea right and then there's others whereit's like. Yes, I empower you just like you were talking about you. You havethe same power I do now. If something goes sideways and again, I have thesame method. All Je as well as I didn't hire someone to make my job hard...

...right. I hired someone to do that joband empower them to make the decisions. If something doesn't work right orthere's, there's something went wrong. I'm not going to go, tear a new one. Iwas just saying: Let's have a conversation. What right, why? Firstoff, why I magine that? Why did you get it? Why did we do this right? What wasthe goal of that decision? What were you trying to solve and if you could dosomething differently, based on what what occurred? What would you have donedifferently right because again everybody's? So we are so Buzzword,cache o sins of you know a lot of business fail fast and fail. Often,then you go to their business. It's like a second someone makes a mistake.They're getting crucify you're like yeah, totally want to fail here rightright, so so so on that point, I think, as we pivot a little bit onone less Pavit here to take that, because I think we would be remiss because I know youexplain it so well. Is this idea of if I have a team- and Itrain them really well to do their job? To the point that I don't have to whatyou mentioned? Micro managed E. I feel that wow, my team is really executingwell for some, that's scary, they think. Well, maybe they don't need me versuswhat you and I were talking about before we jumped on today. This idea ofby clearing off some of those things off of my plate and empowering them todo this. My plate is empty and I can add on new things that will help theorganization move forward versus we're both trying to do someone's job versusno that's your job. I have other things to do talk about that yeah. So there's a lot of differentfundamentals to it. But essentially you know there comes a point where you haveto be in the leads. There's time where you got to come out of the week, I can't help someone grow if I don'tunderstand the job, so I get in the weeds shoulder shoulder. We go throughwhatever that might be, but again as we kind of grow and develop it moves pastthe point where I get that comes off my plate. I can fill it with anotheranother task. Another you know goal another action whatever it might be andit changes because again, depending on your role, whether you're you know theCEO or president, a manager or whatever there's other things. So it's you knowfreeing up more time to go coach and develop it's freeing up time to go,seek that next partnership or that bigger deal or you know the the futureof the platform. If you're running a software company there's always stuffto be put on the plate, the PORESA is: What are you allowing to get on yourplate? That is preventing you from the bigger pictureand and that's always a challenge always has been a challenge an and I dofeel fortunate. I mean obviously we're smaller company. So it's a little biteasier. I mean I get all time, Wol, damn you know. When you get more people,it becomes more a challenging. I'm like it's all scape I mean if you build theright people, you build the right Benton as you move up and you buildmore people and you build more layers of management. If that management hasthe same mantra that you do and doesn't fear their job so that they have to bethe one to look at what I'm doing all the time is getting it done. It canmultiply, and if you understand that- and you understand- hey, there's justsome people that work and don't work for positions, it does change the game. But yes, I don't have a a fear of I've got tovalidate my position or if all these people are doing these things in myplay looks different. I don't have any fear, because it's like I get to dosomething else, there's other things. It starts to free up and clear theclear out to where it's almost it's also a CIFIC effect.I've cleared their runway, so they can get the planes off the ground and runrun the way they need to. By doing that, it almost does the same thing for me sothat I can get off the ground and focus...

...on the things that are critical to thegrowth of the company. Well, because again, if we're all doing it, theneverybody wins: There's more growth in the company, which means whether that'srevenue, whether that's people, whatever everybody, starts to winbecause they feel all of those impacts. But yet the point is they're,contributor, wet and and well what I like about thatis and again a few pepe. I want to make sure you're, not misunderstanding. WhatDan was saying is that, if I'm working with the team, if I need to scale and grow eventually,you know if I was had a team of five people and we expand it, and now wehave ten people well, eventually, I have to get someone else up there. Iffive is the limit and then eventually, as we scale, I have now three or fourpeople who are that middle layer. That's my team. I'm not worried aboutthe bottom people I'll check in really my team is that and, as I scale upthere's always a team under me, but to your point is: If we're all focused ondoing the same job, we're only going to get so far because no one's able topick their head up and go hey. We need to go that way, we're just, as you say,we're all in the weeds and someone's going yeah, but we should be going thatway. So we have to clear that plate, but it is a strange feeling, as you escalate up,because you may lose that that I'll call it like the buzz or thehigh of really being in the weeds, it's very addicting and then all of a suddenyou're sitting there feeling well, I'm not really having an impact, but youare because your impact is on that next layer down that impact that so almostthere was a gentleman two weeks ago I interviewed and- and he said somethingI thought was spot on. He said the higher you move up in leadership. Itbecomes more about building relationships with your teens verses.You know going down into the tactical, because you've left the tactical now,because you have to build relationships with the layer of people who arecoaching, those people on the front lines, and I thought that was a reallygood way and relationships building relationships, don't feel they feeldifferent. But to your point is: If you're,accepting of that, you then are looking in a differentdirection to be able to do more for your team hundred percent, and that'sjust but it's uncomfortable, and it's simply, you know kind of puttingperspective to for those watching is just thank of it. This way, you alwaysshould be training your replacement, if you're, if you have that mindset a that comes back to self awareness,I'm comfortable wild skin, I do what I do. It should be acknowledged, but at the same point in time, ifyou're going to get to the next level, which is, if someone's chasing theircareer right, it's that next level, then why aren't you training yourreplacement? Well, the fear is, if I train you to dowhat I need to what I'm doing the fear is well they're going to fire me andkeep dam for whatever reason, because now again that also depends on theperson who's above me right as we escalated up, always remember. If I'dget promoted to team leader, I'm on someone else's team right. So I'm I sitat the table of someone else now who I report to so the question really is: isthat person empowering me you're grooming, me or training me and movingme up? If not, then I feel well. Listen. If I train somebody, I'm not gettingthat pull up to say, someone's looking to groom me to take their place. The only option is, if I get theseother people really good, then I'll get fired. But to your point a really wellorganization should always be saying Dan. I want you to replace me, but Ican't have you replace me till you find somebody to replace you and that shouldconstantly be the conversation through organizations in order to scale,because then it goes back to what we were talking about the. Why? If theemployees really are the most important thing D, then I should be hoping andworking towards them improving their...

...position, their skill set to do more.If that's really important, then I have to, as you said earlier, I'll act on itand do it not just lip service in percent and it really kind of mind melteverybody on that point. You just fatis. If you have a fear of being fired, thenthen you've got to think to yourself. Well, if I'm not going to level someoneup because they might fire me or some one there there's so many differentways. I've heard it spawn and someone asked the question: How do you get pastit? I go. I look at it as if I'm going to get fired, I'm going to get fired onmy terms, not somebody else's HM. You don't control what you don't control.So someone isn't like you, they can fire you if you're, if you, if you wantto run in Fer all the way, that's how that works. So, at the end of the day,if I going to get fire, I'm going to get fired because I pushed all in andI'm gonna I'm going to, let it happen for me, meaning I still my ground. Idid my job. I pushed through the barriers. If that wasn't good enoughand you fire me, I'm not considering that a loss of myend, no, you just are on the wrong team right that that that's the key is thatyou're on the hundred hundred percent right and if you've got that kind ofmindset and that kind of Mojo going for you as we always joke you're, only aphone call or a social media post away for being rehired, because people willknow who you are by the job that you do and again that separates everybody inany industry. Is everybody come in and has great lip service? It's the actionthat you do, that will submit Your Business Status and what you canaccomplish. I didn't get to where I'm at just because I said: Hey, I'm goodat whatever. Like none of that happened, it happened because people saw theaction, they saw the result, takis sheep and everybody. I mean how manytimes when I'm sure you and I could share stories back and forth. Somebodycomes in as a beautiful resume man. They have mastered the art ofinterviews they get in and, like nothing happens right and you like whatno you were sold to bill of goods or they sounded good and everyone was ontheir best behavior. But I think that that's such a to just sort of wrap this all and windthis down with just as these final thoughts is, it goes back to the y. If you're, why is for your family foryour company for your friends for yourself, then that means I'm present. I wantpeople, I am concerned not in a bad way, but my action should be aligned in away that I'm not worried about what people say behind my back, meaning thatif somebody asks somebody about you know, let's say you. I know what they're going to say andit's all going to be the same, because your actions led to have people havingthat opinion of you whether they worked with you. They met you, they heardabout you, it's all a line, but if you're constant, if your, why isn'timportant or you're not present or your actions don't align? That's where youget that disconnect of well, I hope they don't find out, or you know alittle song and dance or what I call jazz hands and you're not reallydelivering on it, because you were not intentional to begin with, Oh yeah, andit's only a matter of time. I mean that's the thing: If you're playing thelong game you've got to have the death, the short game is exactly what it is.It's very short: When you have no substance, your flighting you're notfocused, you can flush it out, even the best people that say. Oh I, you know, Iwrite my goals down. I do this. I get me on prushing life man. You know some of US get moreexposure than we needed times and you just kind of go. Wow, there's gonna be some people thatare going to be like wow didn't see that so they also, I mean you and I haveseen...

...people just it's the story and thestory can run for, but then you go well. Why do you keep moving jobs right? Whyare you always in different places and versus? If that really was a mind, itdoesn't make sense right. That's where the as you said, the adder. Theadvertisement doesn't live up to the reality, but I think there's onecritical point before we wrap up that everybody takes a second and hers. Isthat your? Why could be something as simpleas this I'm going to make a comfortable living and I'm going to enjoy my life? That is one hundred percent? Okay, yes,and we're in a society where they don't make that okay, what is kind of funny, I think we gotto take a step back and realist. Doesn't matter what you said itbeautifully. People will talk, you know by Hidobason so wore, and you get to the point where, if you're really comfrtable yourskin, you don't care, and I think that that is a huge huge. Huge piece is whenyou get comfortable in your own skin and you're wise as clear as it can be.Nothing else matters right right. No, I think it's I was listeningto and I've said it and I'm not always as good as I will. It will sound like Iam and I'm not as that on my head gets a little twisted at times, but at theend of the day I know who there's a circle of people, family andvery close friends at they came to me and said: I'm disappointed that wouldmean something and have an impact. Where someone, I don't know someone whoI have in you know even a nice relationship with that doesn't bother me, but that goesback to you if you're aligned and that's your goal, that goes back towhat you want your pace of life to be. You know Gary Vener chucklehead thathey listen if you make f sixty seven. Eighty, whatever the number is- and youwant to play on two softball teams- and you want to take your family off andthat's great for you great own it, but don't complain right if you're thengoing to complain about something then say well there. I lie the chat you haveto change, but if you're saying Nope, this is what I want going back to thegentleman Dr Van. If that's the pace, I want for my life like his. He designedhis life, where he and his wife Take Fridays off and that's their time.Their kids are in school and that so he works four days and he finds therevenue in ways to make his money in those four days. So he can do itbecause that's the pace of his life and he's comfortable with it until nothingwrong with it, nothing wrong and he's happy until he says. Maybe I want tochange, but then that's a going back to what you're saying it's intentional ofnow on a changing verses. The complaining I didn't do this right itall this back to understanding what your Wye is, making it intentional.Creating a strategy creating a plan executing it and then long term get there versusgetting beat up in the short term based on outside influences. Well, I reallylove what he talked about again applying the is your Wylie to yourbusiness, to your employees, to your customers, how to practically do thatreally do appreciate Dan's comment and input and strategies, and I hope youdid as well so as they say at the end of each episode, don't forget tosubscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to podcast apple spotify,whatever platform you use, make sure that you subscribe also, please sharethe episode because, I'm sure there's other people that could benefit fromwhat Dan just shared and, as always rate, the podcast leave a comment loveto hear from you. If there's a topic you'd like me to discuss for maybesomeone that you'd like me to interview, I will do my best to provide that foryou. I appreciate that you're here I know,there's a lot of places that you could listen to content, but the fact thatyou spend some time with Dan and myself today means the world to me. I reallyreally do appreciate it. So, as I say...

...at the end of every episode you're incharge, he now Dan gave you a few more tools to help you become moresuccessful, both personally and professionally. Thanks again forlistening, I look forward to seeing you on the next episode.

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