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"You're In Charge" with Glenn Pasch

Episode 122 · 1 year ago

Christine Gritmon: Content Creation or Distribution-What is More Important


Is content creation the key? Or is is distribution the key to success? We have heard a higher % of time should be focused on distribution. But what does that really mean?

Christine Gritmon, social media expert shares her thoughts and delivers tactical actions you could apply today.

Funny, tactical and energetic. You don't want to miss this episode!!

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About Christine Gritmon

Christine Gritmon empowers professionals to step into their personal brands in a bigger, bolder way on social media. You CAN do it–she’ll teach you how!

She’s spoken on stages worldwide and is a frequent expert guest on podcasts, live streams, Twitter chats, and blog posts, as well as hosting her own weekly Twitter chat, #ChatAboutBrand, and live interview show, Let’s Talk About Brand.

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About Glenn Pasch:

"Everyone finds themselves in charge at some point in their lives. Yet many of us lack the skills to generate consistent results. My goal is to help you learn the skills to adapt and grow in your personal and business life.”

Glenn Pasch is CEO of PCG Digital, a full service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses create and deliver customers raving, recommending & returning for more. He is author of 2 books including "The Power of Connected Marketing" and has spoken and educated audiences throughout the US and internationally.

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Support for this episode comes from PCG digital. It is anywhere from difficult to impossible to manage every aspect of the changing digital landscape. Rather than trying to do it yourself, why not leave it to an award winning team of Digital Marketing Specialists who have mastered at all connect to your message with more potential customers with PCG digital? Go to PCG digitalcom for more information for all marketing professionals, could be social media managers or yourself if you're creating your own brand. Creation of the content is only about twenty to thirty percent of a campaign success. The other seventy to eighty percent is the distribution, and not many people focus as much on the distribution as they do the creation, and it can be overwhelming with all the platforms deciding what's the frequency, how often should I be posting, at what time should I be posting, and what platform is...

...more important than the other? Overwhelming is is is doesn't even really encapsulate the frustration that many creators have, and that's why I brought Christine Gritman on for this power episode. She is a social media and branding expert and she's going to give her opinion and her strategies that she shares with her clients on how to distribute your content more effectively on the platform of your choice. So let's dive into the day's Power episode of You'R in charge conversations at spark change with Christine Gritman. If somebody's asking you. Okay, so we have some messaging. Would you recommend just hitting the platform or or place where they have a bigger audience? Do they spread themselves out with you know, I we've heard the Oh, you got to be putting out twenty, thirty, forty,...

...fifty pieces of content today to really cut through. What's your what's your take on content distribution? Interesting story from my own brand. I cut way down on the content that I was creating and just really doubled down on basically just my chat and my show. That's the content I create. It's my chat and my show, and suddenly everyone was like, you're doing so much more content, I'm seeing you all over the place, and like I'm doing so much less content. You're just seeing it because it's good. So there's definitely lesson in that, which is, you know, we all know the social media algorithms mean that most people won't see most of our post no matter how much they follow us, they just won't see our posts. It's a fact of the algorithm. and rather than, you know, just pushing more and more out there, don't pay attention to what's hitting. Do More of that.

Pay attention to what's not hitting, do less of that. The Algorithm is giving you clues all the time by reach and in fact your audience is giving the algorithm clues all the time by their engagement. So I would say there's a couple things when it comes to what to do to put your message out there. One of them is pay attention to what's actually getting engagement, to what's actually hitting, because that matters a lot more. You can have, you know, huge number of followers, but if a very small percentage of them are engaging, that is going to actually be a bad thing. That's going to be worse than if you had a smaller audience but more of them were engaged. So that matters. Watch your ratio there. But even before that, even before you get to that stage, I know prevailing marketing industry wisdom says be where your audience is, figure out where your target demographic is spending their time online and be there. I would, I mean be...

...aware of that. You should definitely be aware of that landscape you're fitting into. But keep in mind I work with a lot of people who are, you know, they they're small businesses, they are often solo preneurs, they have limited bandwidth to work with. They can only do what they can do. So I recommend that they focus on what they don't hate. I recommend they focus on the type of content that they will actually enjoy creating, types of conversations they'll actually enjoy having and that they should be on the platforms and be creating those content types that they'll actually do, because they will be more consistent with it, they will do it better and it's really just so much better to do fewer things really well than it is to feel like you have to spread yourself then being everywhere and doing everything. So I would say again it's for the smaller the brand it is, especially if it's one person big...

...hm that needs to come from inside of you, the same way your personal brand does. The way you express it also needs to, on some level, come from inside of you. If someone hates writing and they're terrified of it and they think they're terrible writer, I'm not going to tell them to start a blog. If someone is absolutely petrified a video and they look like they're being held hostage every time a cameras on them, I'm not going to tell them to start live streaming right. You know, if someone has a total monotone voice, I'm not going to advise a podcast. So, you know, you need to show up in the way that you're going to be comfortable and and that's going to show you off the best. I like that. I like that. I like that idea of bringing it down also and focusing more on the quality. Because again, unless you have a team, who's going to be their focus is cutting and pacing and creating all this great content for most of us, even for me, you know, with an...

...agency I have, their focus needs to be on clients, right, the rating revenue, and I've played around and fell into that myself of how much do I need to do more versus? I spent the last few months really tell you, pushing things out and noticing what wasn't, keeping track of time when things went out, what what connected with people. To say, you know what, it's not the platform, it's the content and and it all sometimes will blame the platform and go all that platform. Reality is nobody liked it, because how that darn our because the content wasn't good, or it wasn't it was. You default to using the distribution tools, the sproutch socials and buffers and all of these where it becomes this all going to just create all these things in an hour and my week is done. But to your point, that's not really building relationships with your audience, it's just talking at...

...them, and I think we've all made those mistakes. I know I have, and I see a lot of people doing that as well, and you just that's where it doesn't stop the thumb from scrolling to go. What is that? I also feel like anytime you are I mean there's a benefit, certainly if you have limited bedwidth, to that's creating content, to scheduling stuff out, that certainly is good, but you need to realize that that's not instead of spending time on the platform. Right, that's an advice that that's just too everything you put out there, you should have the hope of it sparking engagement. Everything you put out there, you should hope that this is going to start conversations and you need to show up for those conversations. I know people who schedule stuff out left and right and they don't even know what goes up at any given time because they scaled dulled it so long ago.

And then they get a comment on it and they don't see that comment for like days, if at all, and it's like no, no, no, this is what you were supposed to want, like the goal of this piece of content was to give someone something to engage with. You can't not show up for the point of the thing, right. People think the point of the thing is to get it out. Getting it out is when it starts, it's not when it ends. I love that. I love that. I was interviewing Brian fans out at one time and he had said, you know, turning on his notifications for Linkedin more than even other more than even other platforms, because he said a you know, we may be on linkedin every day, but a lot of people are on once a week. So when they make that comment, to be there for them, because they may not come back again for another week. And I think those of us who are in the Social Media Agency world, marketing world, we think everybody's...

...on at full time and or they're on it as much as we are. So it. I agree with you being present and involved and building that relationship with your audience. That's what's going to have them want to see that next piece of content or, you know, share out a podcast episode or share out an article, that you share it out because they're seeing as someone who's in my circle of people that I like and trust. Yeah, and how you know I can. If Christine sending the article out, oh well, I like her viewpoint, I'm going to read it, versus the million other people who I sort of know but I haven't built that relationship with. And I think the key through all of this so far that we've talked about relationship first before we start. Just because we had the ability to push out things doesn't mean we should without thought behind it about what do I want from my...

...audience out there? Absolutely well, I hope you found value. I know I did. I have my notepad out because what Christine shared helped me to clarify some of my own frustrations with posting content as well and also bringing some of this information back to my team so we can strategize for our clients as well. So please make sure you connect with Christine. Her informations in the show notes and, as always, don't forget to subscribe on Apple Or, if you're an android user, on spotify or any platform that you listen to your podcast. We are there. You can also listen to the full episode, it's episode one hundred and eleven, to hear all of Christine's comments about building personal brand, where you can win or where you fail and, more importantly, deciding what audience you're actually trying to reach. You can also jump over to Youtube and watch episode one hundred and eleven to see the whole conversation with Christine. As always, I appreciate your attention. I know there's a...

...lot of places where you can consume content, but the fact that you came here and shared some time with Christine and myself and means the world to me. As I say at the end of every episode, you're in charge, but now Christine gave you a few more tips and strategies to help you become better, both personally and professionally. I look forward to seeing you again on the next episode.

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